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Utilizing Dungeons & Dragons to foster social skills
and a sense of identity and belonging... 

Our groups have officially moved online!!!

Reduce social isolation.
Secure a more solid sense of self.
Ignite passion and creativity outside of the game.
Relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

No D&D materials or previous D&D experience necessary!

Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game (not a video game). Essentially, it is collaborative storytelling with a group of people - think improv theater where the players are both the actors and the audience.  A group of adventurers sets out on quests in a medieval fantasy setting, gaining loot and experience along the way. 

Each group member designs their own D&D (5th ed.) character with a backstory and then role plays as that character for the rest of the game - making decisions as their character, not themselves.  Through their characters, group members have the chance to try on personality characteristics they don't yet possess or feel confident in. They may also enhance several social skills; examples include: empathy, creative problem solving, frustration tolerance, communication and collaboration.  Other benefits include building resilience against future stress, joining the nerd community, feeling a sense of belonging, and being inspired to try other creative hobbies! You may be surprised at how playing this game can ignite creativity and passion. Make friends now and learn a game that can connect you socially to others in the future!

With a therapist as the Dungeon Master, I can facilitate emotional regulation, balance participation, and intentionally arrange potential triggers for growth.

Online groups require: strong internet access (to support Zoom and Roll20),
a webcam (to see your face), and headphones (for confidentiality)

Groups are arranged by age (middle, junior, or high school, young adults, etc.)
and are gender inclusive.
At this time, the minimum age is 12 y/o - adult
Maximum of 4-6 group members per campaign.
120 minute sessions, once a week for 10 weeks.

A free, individual "intake" session (via teleconferencing) with the group member
is required help ensure appropriateness of fit. (Intake does not guarantee placement)
During intake, group members will create their character and get started on their backstory. 

Groups are 'closed' once started; when the groups are filled, a waitlist will be created. 

Attendance is sold as a package. Private pay only.  $750
(Payment plan arrangements can easily be made - just ask!)
**Special Note: Law prevents me from accepting clients who utilize Medicaid.** 

Cheryl is currently accepting referrals for
fall & winter groups for 2021
and 2022!

Current Groups:

Teens (14-17) -  September 14
Tuesdays 5-7pm

Future Groups:

Tweens (12-14) - Beginning TBD
(day/time determined by interest)
*4-6 spots open*

Teens (15-16) -  January, 2022 TBD
Tuesdays 5-7 pm
*Unknown - maybe 1 spot open*

NEW GROUP (Adults 18+) - Beginning TBD
(day/time determined by interest)
Learn to cope with symptoms of anxiety and depression. 
Explore your identity and find a place to belong. 
*4-6 spots open*

Please email cheryl @ dynamichealingtherapy . com to register or ask questions.

Cheryl is sitting on the ground behind a 5th edition dungeon master's screen, holding out a handful of dice with an ominous smirk on her face. The words "Role playing games as therapy" are floating over her head and "Dynamic Healing" in the bottom, left corner.

Cheryl has been interviewed about using D&D as therapy, check it out! 

*Dungeons & Dragons and its related content are IP of Wizards of the Coast;
this group is not endorsed nor sponsored by WotC.

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