If you've experienced thoughts like...

… I've tried to change but can't.  

...We've drifted apart. 

... I am a failure.

 ...We keep having the same conversation but nothing changes.  

... I don't want to feel this way anymore.

Therapy can help.

We will raise your insight into what may have created and perpetuated these feelings and help you to take the steps toward fulfillment, satisfaction, connection, and happiness.

Change is possible.  

At Dynamic Healing, therapy is a force to stimulate positive change in your life.  

We believe that it takes great strength to reach out and ask for support.  We can all get stuck in patterns that seem impossible to break out of on our own.  If you are feeling unsatisfied or stuck, Dynamic Healing can provide the support and resources to recognize and break these patterns.  By joining our practice, we can help you along your journey of self-exploration and stimulate growth of all the realms of your life - personally, professionally, and interpersonally.

The partners at Dynamic Healing are experts in facilitating change.  We have unique training and experience that differentiates our practice from other therapeutic groups.  We are all formally-trained couples and family therapists with expertise in helping our clients achieve meaningful, healthy relationships with themselves and others by providing evidenced-based treatment through a systemic orientation.  

As human beings, we are constantly impacting and being impacted by others - in our families, communities, work environments, social settings, and culture - yet these factors aren't always properly addressed in therapy.  Our systemic orientation guides us to examine and address your multiple, interacting layers that may help or hinder your health and wellness.  At Dynamic Healing, it is our belief that these interactions and relationships directly impact self-perception, interpersonal interactions, and personal behaviors - whether we are aware of them or not. When working with Dynamic Healing, therapy will focus on how your internal experience is affected by these external factors, and how behaviors manifest as a result of these interactions.  The partners at Dynamic Healing are trained to work with clients individually, in relationships, and in groups.  

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