What to Expect

Each of our therapists can provide sessions via teletherapy (video conferencing or phone calls).  

If you haven't used it before, the idea of video conferencing for therapy can seem odd. Yes, it can be a little awkward at first, but it will become more and more natural. Teletherapy can work for individuals, couples, families, or groups! If you don't have a private space at home, our video conferencing platform can be used on your phone or tablet - take a walk, sit in your car, wear headphones... we can make it work for you!

As of summer 2022, Brittany and Emily have resumed in-person sessions! 

When entering our office, you will notice that there is an air purifier in our lobby as well as air purifiers in each therapy office.  We also clean the waiting room regularly to ensure your comfort and safety.  Since we will not ask you to wear a mask, we ask that you only attend in-person session if you are well and not exhibiting symptoms of any illness or have been recently exposed to someone sick.  Telehealth video sessions and phone sessions are always an option; so, please always feel free to reach out to your therapist directly if you are hoping to switch a planned, in-person session to a virtual one. 

Our office is located in the Christopher Village Office Complex in Louisville, easily accessed from E. South Boulder Road, between Main Street and Courtesy Road (HWY 42/95th St). 

Free parking is available in the rear.  

Suite G is on the second floor above Ariel IT Services and can be accessed via the stairs on the north side of building one. Our door is outside, past the door for Suite H.

Please be aware that there is no access via elevator to our office.  If this is a barrier for you to receive our services, we would be happy to meet you in via telehealth. 

...prior to your first session:

1. You can choose to schedule a free, 30-minute phone consultation with your therapist before committing to a paid session. This phone call is to help you and your therapist get a feel for each other to ensure "appropriateness of fit" (ie. do your personalities work well together and is your therapeutic goal within your therapist's scope of practice).  Research indicates that your relationship with your therapist is the most important factor of your success in therapy. So, call us! If it's not a good fit, we won't take it personally and we'll be happy to refer you to someone who will hopefully be a better fit.

2. Your therapist will ask you to complete a bunch of paperwork. There are several forms that are more legal/liability in nature that will require your signature. You are expected to read and understand them before signing; if you have any questions PLEASE ask us before signing. Additionally, you'll be asked to complete an Intake Form. This gives us useful background information about you and your goals prior to meeting you in person. 

...at your first session:

1. Once arriving to our office, make yourself comfortable while you wait for your therapist to come out and get you.  There is no receptionist. Complimentary water and hot tea are provided. There is a private restroom on the premises.  Magazines and WiFi are available. [We ask that children are not left unattended in the lobby while you are in session. Finding childcare for your appointment is your responsibility.]

2. Your therapist will come get you from the lobby and bring you to their office. This session may feel different compared to those that follow. This is because you and your therapist are still getting to know one another and your therapist may have several, detailed questions for you to answer. It may feel more like an emotional interview than a typical therapy session. You will discuss your goals for therapy in order to create a roadmap of where you want the rest of your sessions to take you. 

3. If you are coming as a couple or family, your therapist will want to meet with you together and individually. Sometimes you can schedule a 90-minute session and split it between you, other times we may need to schedule individual meeting times.

...the sessions after that:

1. Well, this depends on the type of therapy you're doing and what your goals are. You and your therapist will set the pace of how to move forward and adjust it accordingly.

2. Sessions typically last about 50 minutes each. 

3. You might be given "homework" to complete between sessions. Just like in physical therapy, the work you do between sessions is what makes the lasting difference. We only see each other for 50 minutes a week; there are 10,030 minutes left in the week to put your new skills and insights to work!

4. If your child is attending therapy, it is expected that you maintain open contact with their therapist - either by phone, in-person, or both. You are an integral part in your child's life and being involved in their goals for change will help them succeed. 

...when you end therapy:

1. Together, you and your therapist will plan an official date for the last session.  You've reached your goals, learned how to maintain them, and you and your therapist are both confident that you can do it on your own now. This session is just as important as the first because it helps bring closure to your very meaningful relationship. 

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