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I have a Master’s degree in Couples and Family Therapy from the University of Oregon and have worked with individuals, couples, families, and groups in community mental health, eating disorder treatment, and private practice settings.  My specializations include couple and family relationship issues, eating disorders and disordered eating, parent support through the eating disorder recovery process, low self-esteem and body image, trauma healing, and anxiety disorders.  I am a dedicated therapist who enjoys working with clients who are motivated to have a healthy relationship with themselves and others. 

I have chosen to focus on relationship work because I understand the emotional healing that can be achieved through the power of these connections.  These beliefs guide me to get to know my clients through a lens of compassion and understanding, and are paired with extensive clinical training and expertise to create real, long-lasting change.  I work with both individuals and larger systems, but do believe deep lasting change occurs when therapy is translated out of the office and into your life.  This is why I often encourage some level of therapeutic involvement to from safe support persons in your life, whenever possible.

I work from a collaborative, client-centered, and systemic orientation and am trained in the most up-to-date evidence-based approaches.  In my work with eating disorders, I use client-centered assessment to inform the treatment plan which includes integration of evidenced-based approaches including: FBT (family-based treatment for eating disorders), EFFT (emotion-focused family therapy), EFT (emotion-focused therapy),  and CBT-E (cognitive behavioral therapy for eating disorders).  My approach towards recovery is guided through the lens of the work of HAES (health at every size), focusing on wholistic health for all persons with awareness of the impact of weight stigma and bias.  My goal is to create a safe space where all persons feel welcomed and accepted so together we can begin to explore, heal and repair.  I treat all forms of eating disorders and believe the are all equally deserving of compassionate care designed to heal the relationship with food, body, exercise, etc.  I deeply hold the believe that recovery is possible and simultaneously support my clients where they are at in their journey and am guided by their goals.  

I am passionate about continuing to grow and learn as a clinical professional and am currently working towards my CEDS (certification in eating disorder specialization).  This process requires extensive learning requirements as well as 2 years of eating disorder focused supervision and peer consultation.  I very much enjoy learning about the most evidenced-based research approaches and am committed to mastering the skills to best support my clients in receiving wholistic, evidenced-based, and authentic support. 

I am also trained in The Gottman Method,  CBT+ (cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma and behavioral issues), DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), and ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy).  My couples and families often tell me they experience significant positive shifts in their communication approaches after just a few session.

My clients would describe me as hopeful, empathetic, genuine, perceptive, directive, easy to talk to and helpful.  As a therapist, my goal is to support my clients in strengthening their self-awareness and building the skills to live a life that feels fulfilling, connected, balanced, and stable.   I do this work because I know that therapy makes positive change possible and I am continually humbled by the opportunity to support my clients in this journey.  

I am a Colorado native who has recently returned after 10 years living on the west coast  and in the northwest.  I am thrilled to be back in the sunshine and enjoy spending time with my partner, child, family, friends and pets.  In my free time I like to be outdoors with my loved ones, and especially enjoy days on the lake stand-up paddle boarding.  


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